5 Fun Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Recently I had the opportunity to work on a project for some friends of mind that happen to be local farmers. We had talked about the benefits of putting together a guide that they could show their customers regarding the nutritional value of the produce they grow. While doing the research for my nutritional piece …

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Why You Need a Word of the Year

Intention is inexplicably powerful. It arises from a neutral state of awareness. It’s the BE level rather than the DO level; and it’s the best place to create positive change. Several years back I was involved with a Mastermind group that met monthly. One of the best things we ever did as a group was …

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Hidden in Plain Sight

How much sugar is in your healthy food? Do you eat healthy?  Or are you one of many who just feel confused and frustrated with all the “dietary” advice available?  Most people I talk to say “yes” they eat healthy however cases of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, brain dysfunction; including cognitive impairment and moods …

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