Why You Need a Word of the Year

Intention is inexplicably powerful. It arises from a neutral state of awareness. It’s the BE level rather than the DO level; and it’s the best place to create positive change.

Several years back I was involved with a Mastermind group that met monthly. One of the best things we ever did as a group was start each new year with our “Word of the Year” selection. Each member of the group would pick one word that encompassed what they wanted to either work on or experience for that coming year. The only rule was that word had to scare you a little; it had to push you out of your comfort zone. Safe words need not apply.

Although that group does not meet anymore, I still love to incorporate a “Word of the Year” into my new year’s routine. There is something about turning the page to January that inspires me to be my best.

I’ve decided to start 2020 with intentional living so this year my word is DELIBERATENESS. Simply put, I want to live my life on purpose rather than let my life live me. I am more of a creator instead of planner so the fact that I have to write my plans and goals down and then base my decisions and choices on those plans and goals scares me way more than just a little.

I encourage you to take the time to sum up your dreams, goals, intentions, and priorities into one meaningful word. Yes, one word. Picking a Word-of-the-Year will automatically put you on the BE level of your life. This doesn’t mean you don’t take action; it means your actions are now inspired by what you aspire to be. In fact, you’ll probably take more action.

“There is something about turning the page to January that inspires me to  be my best”

I think you’ll love having a Word-of-the-Year. Choosing a single word based on your personal aspirations will guide you on what you focus on within the coming year and help you live more mindfully each day. To get your thoughts flowing, here are just some examples of words that have been used in the past:

JOY                                         PEACE                                   INTENTION                         TRUST

BALANCE                             MOVEMENT                       BRAVE                                  CLARITY

Whatever word you chose make sure it speaks to YOU. This word will be your touchstone for the year; guiding you into who you want to BE. Your clarity matters. Your commitment to this word matters. It’s not like popping a pill and making everything all better – let’s face it that rarely makes anything better; it just suppresses a symptom and never addresses the real cause.  And don’t micromanage how this word shows up in your life, just let it BE. Chances are this word has chosen you and not the other way around.

This is your year! Live it to the fullest. Let your word prompt you into healthy, intentional living not only in this year but for all the years to come.